MODERNSAINTS designed by husband and wife team Mik & Maria Serfontaine, is an expression of modern, functional luxury seen through the lens of a Southern California lifestyle by way of Europe.

Bex:  MODERNSAINTS jeans have a very unique fabric, feel and fit from most jeans, can you share with readers how advanced knitted technology is used in the overall jean design and making process?  

Maria:  MODERNSAINTS has changed everything about the jean except the way it looks. All denim is made using traditional (old) technology but we've disrupted this process by utilizing advanced knitting technology. What this means in non-technical terms is a fabric that adapts to your body shape (no matter what shape you are). They have 360 degrees of stretch which accommodates even the most active lifestyle since women are not mannequins and they need freedom of movement.

Bex:  For several of us who are novice jean shoppers, what are the most important things to consider when purchasing a pair of jeans? 

Maria:  As a designer the most important factor for me is create jeans that fit all types of women. I consider myself to be an inclusive designer not an exclusive one especially when it comes to designing jeans. This is the first time that jeans have been made from this technology and we are the first to introduce the here in the United States. Phew!

Bex:  How many jeans should we have in our closet? And how long do jeans typically last?   

Maria:  Essential jeans to have are black skinny - timeless. Dark blues with little to no wash processing. White for those hot months and grey which is the perfect on the go other than black or blue. Personally, I am not a fan of light or vintage washes since they do add weight no matter how skinny you might be.

Bex:  You and your husband run the business together (which is amazing) what would you recommend to other women wanting to go into business with their significant others? Any secrets to your success? What's the biggest leadership lesson you've personally learned this year?   

Maria:  Firstly, keep family issues at home and business at the office. Respect one another and maintain unity. Grace for everyone; results don't happen by the effort of one but by the contribution of all. This also happens to be my biggest leadership lesson this year as well as not taking things personally.

Bex:  What are the most important decisions you make as a leader of your organization?

Maria:  Lead by example. 

Bex:  What are great ways to spruce up our everyday jeans? 

Maria:  Fortunately, jeans go with everything (well, almost everything) but adding  accessories uch as a belt can change the look.

Bex:  Technically, how many times should I wash my jeans before wearing?

Maria:   My opinion, that all comes down to the quality of the fabric but my advice is to wash your jeans inside out with a good quality detergent (no bleach) and drip dry. 

Bex:  Where can I buy MODERNSAINTS Jeans?

Maria:  MODERNSAINTS can be purchased at boutiques across the country as well as select boutiques and department stores internationally. Also at

Bex:  Anything else we should know about MODERNSAINTS or anything else in general?

Maria:  I hope to inspire other women to live their dreams and pursue their God-given purpose through everything they do. Lastly whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord (Col 3:23).