3 Tips to Create Momentum in Everything You Do

In 2008, I found myself on the beaches of Honolulu, looking out into the ocean as the sun began to set. Holding onto my surfboard, I was contemplating one more wave and I remember saying a quick prayer because on the real–the Pacific had beaten me up all day.

As I started to paddle out to catch my last wave of the day, I noticed the surf was getting bigger and bigger, but I still thought maybe I’ll just boogie board this last one in.

I have never been good with maybes, so I saw my wave and decided to take it. Unfortunately, what I found was it was taking me. The enormous energy of the ocean is nothing to take for granted. As I started to break to the left, I almost hit another surfer, so I changed direction. A few seconds later, I had to change direction again because I was heading right into the reef. Like a captain of his own ship, I decided I had to steer this ride. I pulled back on the wave like reigns on a horse going out of control and I took the wave all the way into shore almost on a straight line. I walked directly off the board as I approached the sand and gave thanks for my safe return home (a.k.a land).  

3 vital lessons on momentum were born that day:

  1. Momentum always has a direction.
  2. You can’t surf momentum, you must steer it.
  3. You must be willing to direct momentum instead of letting it direct you.

Hope these tips help keep you on track as you raise your health game.

Cheers with Water,