I really want to exercise but I just can’t motivate myself. Help!

Some people just don’t like to move. Others have every intention but don’t get around to it, even when their inner voices are screaming at them to get off their butts and do something. Many can get in what my friend calls, the “I really want to…BUT” mode.

So what do we do when your head is telling you one thing, but your body is telling you quite the opposite? The "BUT" usually results in another TV show, a beer or two (or three), another text conversation, another purchase off of Amazon or another Google search. But we all know, at the end of the day, it’s just another excuse.

So what do we do? 

Have you heard of Steven Pressfield? He is a world-renowned author who is known for producing iconic pieces of literature. One of his most impressive books, in my opinion, is called the “War of Art.” In it he discusses techniques to help you identify the major bottlenecks that are preventing you from achieving your dreams. One in particular really stuck with me. It was about writers being in a creative rut. Instead of sulking over your creative block, hit it right on the head.

As per Steven, “It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write. What keeps us from sitting down is resistance. When we sit down day after day and keep persevering, something mysterious starts to happen. A process is set into motion by which, inevitably and infallibly, Heaven comes to our aid. Unseen forces enlist in our cause; serendipity reinforces our purpose.”

He goes on to say, sit your butt down and just start to write for 5 minutes straight. Those 5 minutes usually turn into 10, which usually turn into 30 and for him an average of 4 hours. You just need to shift your intentions to get yourself going.

Bottom Line: If you create the right environment, you can eliminate the “BUT” mode.
So let’s take the concept of sitting down and getting to work for 8 minutes. I ask that you get up, walk or run around the block, pop open a dvd and do some yoga in your house, walk on that treadmill, hit the elliptical—whatever it may be—but just get started. Because here is what happens…for many, 8 minutes is sufficient for the first time, maybe the second time, but then you will want to take it to 10, maybe even 20 minutes. Eventually, that dedication will keep building. I am big believer in creating motion for forward momentum, and when you start with 8 minutes in your mind, everything becomes possible.

Cheers with Water,

Coach Adam Cobb