8 Things to Say Yes to This Month

Hello, June! It’s a new month heading into summer with sunny weather and longer days. Now is the perfect time to start spending more time outdoors, having more fun, and being good to yourself. Here are 8 ways to get going on the right path this month. 

  1. Taking a new class – With longer days and a more relaxed vibe, summer is the perfect time to take up that class you’ve been thinking about. Cooking, painting, photography – whatever the hobby, take a chance and sign up for it now.
  2. Eating right – It’s bathing suit season – what better time and motivation to get going on a healthier eating plan? Kick the soda and greasy foods for a flatter tummy in no time.
  3. Starting an exercise routine – It’s ok if your New Year’s resolution fell through. It’s a new season and the perfect time to get started again. The sun is shining and the weather is warm – perfect for outdoor activities to get your heart rate up!
  4. Spending more time outdoors – Disconnect for a while and enjoy the scenery. Get outside for a little inspiration. Sometimes all you need is a little sunshine to feel better about your day.
  5. Dressing up for yourself – Not for anyone else! Wear that dress or those heels that you absolutely love. Even if it’s a little on the wild side. Even if it’s in a crazy print. Forget about everyone else. Wear something that makes you feel great. It’ll show.
  6. Wearing that bright lip color – As things heat up, it’s the perfect time to try that bold new shade. Orange? Pink? Bold coral? Go for it!
  7. Having more fun – Summer is the time to let loose! Have more fun. Balance the work with some play. It’ll be good for your mind and you’ll be way more productive.
  8. Treating yourself better – Show yourself a little love. Carve out an hour of your day to do something that’s good for you. If you’ve been thinking of starting yoga or meditation, now’s a great time to do it. You’ll see what a difference it makes in your daily life. Be good to yourself. You’re all you’ve got!