The Skirts of the Season

I love how season after season, we see transformation in the shapes, lengths and styles of skirts. Don’t you think it’s crazy, that the garment that you literally step into can come in so many different forms?

 I mean really, it’s just a piece of material that hangs around your waist right? Wrong! A skirt can be a beautiful garment that is the highlight of your outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pencil skirt with a crazy detailed top, but there is something special about a distinctive skirt that does all the talking.

 With that said, I have definitely been noticing the skirts popping up in window after window each with their own unique-ness. So here are a few of my favourite from net-a-porter!

 In terms of styling, these numbers only need a basic top and shoe to complete the look, remember less is more.