Closet Covets

We all have items in our closet that seem to collect dust. They are the pieces that are so precious to us that we save them for the perfect occasion or never wear them out of fear that they will get ruined. Garments and accessories are pure art and exude the creativity and feelings that the designer felt that season. Going through my closet, I can easily pick out my favorite pieces. A woman’s closet is a doorway into her personality. Her personal style and taste can be observed by skimming through her clothing and fragrances since it is the easiest way to express individuality on a daily basis. From my closet to yours, here are some of my favorite items.


A dab of Balenciaga perfume to start a day off is the perfect signature scent.

These jade Louboutin mules have just a touch of gold that allow a woman to hit the streets with ultimate confidence.

A classic Chanel jacket, tailored to perfection, is a timeless addition to anything from a little black dress to a great skinny jean.  

Photographer: Glen Allsop