Embrace Summer-skin w/ Highlighters & Illuminators

I haven't always been a huge fan of highlighters or illuminators. When used the right way on Khloe Kardashian and JLo, they look AMAZING. But on a girl like me who doesn’t have perfect, airbrush looking skin, I've felt like I can't make it look the same. 

Well duh. I ain't Khloe. Or even halfway to JLo. 

But great news: Products like this Revlon goodie are super easy to use and have been greatly improved overall in the last few years...making it even more simple to get into that radiant, hydrated and youthful look without looking like a clown. Or a glow-worm.

Fun factThis Photoready Skinlights Illuminator once existed, but without a lot of attention or publicity. Revlon actually pulled it from the shelves and discontinued it. Their loyal customers who LOVED this product threw an absolute fit. In the time that it took them to re-formulate and re-launch it in a wider range of colors, bottles of this baby were being sold on Ebay for $100 a tube!!!!! That's ten times the ticket price. 

I LOVE this product. I picked up the lightest of four shades and feel like it’s perfect when used alone OR mixed with a liquid foundation. I've used a fancy department store version for years that costs three times the price. And there are hardly ANY differences between the two: no change in the consistency, feel or finished-product. The only difference is the drugstore price tag. Cha-ching. This illuminator is lightweight, long-lasting, and blends super easy. If you want that “barely-there” makeup look this summer, this is an easy way to get there without spending an arm and a leg. And arms and legs look great on everyone so…idk.

For dry girls, mix this in with your liquid foundation for a little glow all-over. Or use it how I do: with a finger, apply it down the middle of the nose, on the highest part of the cheekbones, and directly under your eyebrows. When applied after foundation and concealer, it's very easy to blend into your skin with your fingertips. If you apply too much, easy: blend it until you reach your desired amount. It’s verrrrry user-friendly and hard to screw-up.

Lastly, puhlease: if you want that fresh glow, skip powder completely.  Without that added-layer, your fresh skin will glow and breathe all day long!

Try it, love it, tag me!