Bronze Fest, USA

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Bronzer applied the wrong way = Jersey Shore

Bronzer applied the right way = Thinner cheeks, skinnier nose, lots of dimension. 

Bronzer is one of those products that is usually used wrong. The misconception is that its sole purpose is to make us look darker/tanner/ and anti-pale. 

No no no. If you hear nothing else that I say, hear this: PLEASE DON'T APPLY BRONZER ALL OVER YOUR FACE TO LOOK TANNER. Please. 

When used the wrong way, it can look muddy, cakey and…Snooki circa 2011. Applied all over the face, it leaves no room for the dimension of the cheekbones, nose and forehead. When used the right way in a soft line under your cheekbones, the sides of your nose, and above the tail of each eyebrow, it slims your face, thins out your cheeks and makes people see your face as much more "up and down" and less "side to side."  For the OG’s…it’s more “hotdog” and less “hamburger.” You won’t find a single celebrity on the cover of a magazine without seeing the use of bronzer or a darker powder used to contour their face to make it look thinner. It's photo-shoot magic. Sure, their makeup artist spends a lot more time on an extreme-contour with highlighters, liquid bronzer and concealers, but it's pretty simple to use a powder bronzer to achieve a similar every-day look. Annnnnd, it’ll only add about 45 seconds to your makeup routine. 

I can't WAIT to make a Youtube vid about the RIGHT uses for Bronzer. Stay tuned. 

In the meantime, know this: Glittery, shimmery or sparkly bronzers are really not your friend if you’re going for a thinner, sculpted look. The more matte, the better. One of my only makeup rules is: When in doubt, Matte > Shimmer. Matte is so much easier to build upon, blend and use to carve out those cheekbones of yours. I use the word “carve” loosely. We aren’t Jack-o’-lanterns. 

My fave:

For years, I've used MAC's Refined Golden Bronzer Powder. To the naked eye, it looks a tiny bit shimmery, but don’t fear: It actually just has a hint of gold in it, which looks very natural and doesn't go on remotely glittery. It’s a great color for most, isn’t crazy expensive and it makes my face look skinny, EVEN when I stuff it with treats. Since it’s MAC, I don’t have to dig and dig to get the product onto my brush, which means it lasts quite a while before I need a new one.

Honorable mention: Want a drugstore version? Rimmel's Natural Bronzer has wooed me: first with price, and then with finish. I like that it doesn't get overly powdery and make a mess with product everywhere when I dip into it. And the fact that it's made up of natural minerals makes it super soft and super easy to use. And it’s matte! If I love it and I'm picky, you'll love it too! 

Paired with a great highlighter, the right powder bronzer will do your face a favor and help you photograph better than ever.


Try it, love it, tag me!!