Happy Labor Day!

In honor of all of the hard working people, this Labor Day should be filled with fun and excitement. We all need a day off to enjoy our friends, family, and freetime! We don’t do it enough unfortunately. One morning, The Today Show reported that companies are actually starting to pay employees extra if they do not check their e-mail while on vacation, and are forcing people to take their vacation time. Vacation days are often lost at the end of the year because people fear falling behind on work. We promise that a little getaway or relaxation will refresh you and you will go back to work feeling motivated! It is also a time to for students to get ready to go back to school! So load up those backpacks with fresh pencils and notebooks feeling ready to take on another school year. It is going to be a great year! 

Here are some ways to spend your day off this Labor Day and the last day before really jumping back into the swing of school: 

1. The final dip – For one of the last times before the weather gets chilly, find the nearest beach, lake, or pool and cool off after soaking up the sun. 

2. Eat up – Have a backyard barbeque or dinner party with your closest friends and family. Maybe even find the nearest park to set up a picnic other nature lovers would envy. 

3. DIY Day – Grab some friends and knock some chores off of your list. You finally have a free day! Whether it be re-painting that dresser, or scrapbooking those photos that you have been meaning to print out, it will actually feel like fun if you all take some time to DIY together. 

4. Get active – Organize a family game day. You can make your own baseball game, or basketball pick up game. Since fall is on the way take advantage of the warm weather while creating memories. 

Baseball game.jpg

5. Explore – People often go away on vacation, or think about traveling places that they can only get to by plane. There are so many great towns and cities around the world that are probably only hours from each of our homes. Take time to explore your own backyard!