Let's get moving!

Hey Ya'll--

It's Coach Adam Cobb and I am excited to share my journey with Esther as she starts down her path on focusing on her health and wellness.

To me Esther represents a huge demographic of modern working women who are dedicated to their families and passionate about what they do--which results in limited time to take care of themselves. Probably sounds familiar to many of you reading? So, as she made her commitment to focus on her well-being, I made it my mission to show her how movement and exercise can be fun, healthy food can be easy to prepare and taste good, and most importantly, how vital the relationship is between your body and your breath.

For those of you who are watching her video and getting inspired to Move Well, Eat Well, and Think Well…get ready to start to take notes and take some action. We got work to do ladies---it’s your time to live that FYClife. Ready…set…go…!