A woman is..

Brilliant post by Bobbie Houston on the international women's day.. Girls- be reminded!

"TODAY March 8th, is INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY! A day to pause and consider the VALUE, WORTH AND WONDER of every woman, girl and girl-child on the earth. No "daughter" (regardless of age, colour, creed, ethnicity, credential, background or status) is without extreme value.


She is not a nameless or faceless commodity to be traded, discarded or exploited. She is worthy of being heard and respected. She possesses enormous potential, gifting, talent , ability and capacity --- and is created equal in the image and eyes of her Heavenly Father. She is beautiful and worthy of protection. Her contribution to life enhances and blesses life.


As a woman, I am committed to the wellbeing of my sisters near and far. I will play my part, and (by God's grace) I will use whatever influence He has entrusted, to champion her VALUE, WORTH & CONTRIBUTION TO WHAT IS LIFE. God said "it is not good for man to be alone, I will create and fashion a woman". In the purest and most noble sense, she was mankind's first "Gift" and she remains a stunning Gift. She is not second, before or behind. SHE SIMPLY IS"!!


Bobbie Houston. xox