Weakness or Strength?

There's nothing more liberating than to admit our weaknesses. We often try to hide those aspects of our lives and character so that we don't seem so breakable, but what we do seem to overlook is that admitting we don't always have it all together takes some of the pressure off us to pretend to be perfect- because lets face it, none of us are. To know you can break down- or even that you can fail- and to learn how to cope with it, is actually incredibly helpful in the healing process, and although that seems obvious and self explanatory, its not. Its easier to try to ignore and move past our weaknesses than to recognize them, deal with ourselves and improve in those areas.

In a highly competitive society, the rule seems to be that 'he, who makes the least mistakes, survives'. Putting so much pressure on ourselves on anything and everything we do, we end up stressed out and anxious, unable to relax until things look perfect to us- and often our idea of 'perfection' is distorted on its own. That causes us to forget to enjoy the process, to lose our joy in life. It seems as though the fine print in the definition of being driven and successful, is the ability to effectively juggle all areas of life. So we take on job after job, project after project, class after class, and we are expected to succeed at all of it. How are we supposed to do that without putting immense amounts of pressure on ourselves? Its been published that suicide rates in the US, although under reported, have risen above the number of automobile-related deaths. Needless to say, stress due to 'pressure to perform' is a huge player in that. Whether pressure to look a certain way, to get a certain job, to be accepted into a certain university, the bottom line is: Success is key. Although suicide is obviously a much more acute problem than the usual day to day stress, it still becomes easy to forget to enjoy the journey as we get so caught up in the end goal. I am a prime example of that. I feel like stress is almost a built-in response to every little thing in life that I try to do. One of the most recent examples for me is this very site.

I started working on the content a couple weeks before I put up the link on my instagram. Back when nobody knew about it, I was able to take my time, test it out, learn how to use it at a slower pace… no stress. All of a sudden I put a link up. I decided not to announce it, but just quietly leave it up there so that whoever saw it could check it out. Next thing I know, a week later, I am getting more visitors than I can handle, more emails than I can read, and I start feeling the pressure to come up with content and make everybody happy, to answer every question. While, of course, also still dealing with the life and responsibilities I had before I started this thing. Stress. I ended up neglecting my own needs and getting less sleep, skipping more meals, taking no time for myself. 

A week later, I've already let it start to become an issue. Coming back home after being in Australia for a while, unable to sleep because of the craziest jet lag one can possibly experience, catching up with friends, family and work... Being a mother, attempting to be somewhat of a wife. I had a few posts go up before edited, a few glitches and wrong material "appear" on here without me realizing.. I already started to feel like I wasn't able to do this anymore- and I'm just 2 weeks in! So then I thought (in these exact words), "ok miss bahama drama, the world is not falling apart, this is a platform that has been successful so far- get it together". And I decided to write this post. I needed to remind myself (and perhaps some of you who find yourselves in similar predicaments) to not lose the joy in the journey. Many things in life are out of our control, but our attitude and the way we respond is not. We are all in this journey together.  

"A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows it is on the journey that she will become strong"



This post is made up of 3 parts- actually 4 if you count this as one. I will be posting one part every week. At the end of each post, I'll be accepting questions, which I will choose 3 of to answer at the end of this series. Excited? Lets go!!

X Es