mother material

As most first time moms, I went into motherhood without knowing what to expect. I guess I never really considered myself 'mother material'. I'm not even sure I considered myself  'wife material' for a while, because to be honest, at some point I had lost faith in marriage and family. I had gotten so used to seeing broken families and even more used to seeing broken marriages; so I began brainwashing myself. I wasnt going to be a part of a broken family, I thought. I wasn't going to have a family at all. As a matter of fact, who needs marriage? its just a piece of paper.. I want to be independent, to make it on my own.

So many modern day women think like that nowadays, maybe you -reading this right now- think like this. Got hurt enough times and decided enough is enough. I don't need anybody, I can make it on my own. And over the years  become driven and successful, then greedy and desensitized; and then- unhappy and ALONE. Im not suggesting that you will always be 'alone', chances are you'll have your fare share of flings and 'fun'. Im just saying that because your trust in people almost disappeared, you decided that this wifey/ mommy deal just wasn't for you. That was me.

It took a lot of work to come out of that mentality, but I believe it all begins and ends with trust. If you don't trust anybody (or if you don't trust yourself), how will you be able to have a family? On my previous post Mastering Relationship I spoke briefly about choosing to trust. I really believe that it is crucial, but I also believe that its a choice. I know sometimes its hard, and maybe that trust has already been broken. Every case is an individual case and should be treated and dealt with a lot of care and thought. But If I may, I just want to say that you ARE wife material and you ARE mother material. And you also CAN and SHOULD be driven and successful and reach for the stars.. But please, consider being the entrepreneur who comes home to a solid foundation- her family. 

“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only - and that is to support the ultimate career. ”