Weakness or strength, part IV- To whom much is given, much is required.

We've finally gotten to part IV of the Weakness or Strength series. I've written this series to discuss a few basic misconception on how weaknesses can be confused for strengths, and vice versa. We've spoken about:

Admitting and recognizing our weaknesses, learning to overcome them and grow in those areas

Being honest and transparent and stepping out of our 'personas'

Serving others when you are in a position of strength rather than being served

And finally, today's one: Giving back

Unfortunately, some of the richest people I know are also some of the greediest and most stingy. That, to me, is an obvious reason why people become unhappy with money. The "more" culture, the "never satisfied" culture, the "its never enough" is never ending. 

What i've learned is that this has very little to do with money, and everything to do with you. It is not about how much money you have or don't have, it is about this: "Does money serve you, or do YOU serve money?" When it comes to that, its a bit black and white. You are either using something good for good reason OR you are a slave. Why is it so back and white? Of course there can be grey areas, no? Maybe you care about money just enough to make it your priority but not enough to make it the purpose for your existence...Right? Well.. take my word for it, it is easy to get on the escalator of "more money and more power" and not very easy to get off it. And as every escalator, it takes you up higher and higher and higher without you having to make much effort yourself.

Anybody with 2 braincells can tell you that, in theory, giving brings you happiness and fulfillment. I remember when Bill Clinton came out with his book "Giving". He wrote and spoke about men and women who traded in their corporate careers and the fulfillment they now experience through giving. So yes, great theory, now who is actually willing to leave the comfort of their own lives and give it all up? Not many of us. Thankfully, this is not what I am urging you to do today. What I am urging you to do is, simply, SOMETHING. 

Something. Ohhhhh a word so simple and yet so complicated. How do you do that? What "something" should I do? Well, thats for you to figure out. Just remember this- your happiness is directly related to this word. The greater your "something", the greater your joy. Time spent checking your Facebook account, gossiping, shopping doesn't count as "something" and will not increase your joy. And I love shopping. 

Most of us remember John D Rockefeller, possessor of one of the world's greatest individual fortunes. His benefactions were huge, $530,853,632 to various institutions. He had a theory about giving that he once expressed as "to solve the problem of giving money away without making paupers of those who receive it." I love that. You don't give to feel superior, you give because that adds to YOU.

Its not about equal giving, most of us will never see half a billion dollars in our lifetimes, let alone be able to give it. But it is equal sacrifice. To whom much is given, much is required. The more you're given, the more you're entrusted to do with it. 

GOOD NEWS: Giving doesn't always mean giving money. So if you feel you don't have enough money to go out and start giving at the moment, don't count yourself out just yet! Giving is about your heart. We give to keep our hearts pure. We give money, to keep money from polluting our hearts. We give love, to keep hate from polluting our hearts. We give kindness, to keep indifference from polluting our hearts. We were fist given, so we can give; and now we give, so we can keep.

"Do all the good you can, to all the people you can, in all the ways you can, as long as you can"

- D. L. Moody