Stand up for yourself.

An interesting fact about "standing up" for yourself is that it doesn't always mean you have to be loud or aggressive. Standing up for something sometimes means that you will be the one who will stay the same regardless of what the situation is. Unlike what modern society teaches us, standing up quietly and humbly is more powerful than being the loudest voice in the room.


Standing up for your desires by making a sacrifice, standing up for your values by being kind when you're treated unfairly, standing up for what you believe in by allowing others to believe differently while staying true to your beliefs; these are, to me, true examples of strength, integrity and dignity. 

Not allowing people to step all over you or to mistake your kindness for weakness is one thing we all need to learn in this world, while also finding the courage and confidence to keep it together. Staying true to your character when things don't go to plan- or even how you think you deserve them- are incredible attributes.

Standing up for yourself means staying true to your character and calling, no matter what. The respect you show yourself and the love you show others when situations seem out of control is standing up for yourself. Shock the world with your love, kindness and humility.

Stand up for yourself. 

If you don’t stick to your values when they’re being tested, they’re not values. They’re hobbies.