To lead or to follow? That is the question

We often look at leaders as points of reference for what we want to become. Its glamorous to be a leader, it sparkles up there on the platform. What we fail to realize, is that followers are what makes a leader.

Loyal followers= protected leaders
Strong followers= powerful leaders
Strategic followers= safe leaders
Empowered followers= esteemed leaders

Leadership is also a risky place to be. While leaders often get all the praise, they also get all the criticism; whether or not its their fault is irrelevant. When the country goes bankrupt its George Bush's fault, if the Miami Heat loses a game its Lebron's fault, if Microsoft fails to keep up with Apple, its Bill Gates' fault. We all want to be leaders, until we get picked apart and spat on.

But what if we figure out that there is reward in following? A follower builds the vision, accomplishes the work. It is rewarding. There is fulfillment in it.

If you are a leader, the main thing is to create an environment of empowerment- not competition- among your team. Teach them how to be the best THEY can be. Equip them. Encourage them. Empower them. Build a team that won't necessarily need you if you're gone. Scary thought, hey? Why would you want to build such a strong team that you will then become 'dispensable'? Because a strong team is nothing but a reflection on strong leadership.

Key points:

"On competition...
Leaders need followers who complete them rather than compete with them. Everyone has their part to play and when leaders and followers believe that 'what they are part of, is bigger than the part they play', they become a dynamic force. Together, we are better.

On empowerment.
Both leaders and followers have their part to play in empowerment. A leader who releases, equips, and empowers people will always do better than they possibly could micro-mangling or trying to do everything themselves. And a follower who is uncomplicated and strong on initiative, empowers a leader to lift their head higher and look further along the road."

Brian Houston


The best type of leadership is empowering leadership. Why? Because a strong team makes a strong leader. Lets unite in cause, shall we? We are all in it together.